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    Positive Habit Cycles

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    Positive Habit Cycles

    Human beings have been described as a "bundle of habits," and thank goodness there is a lot of truth to that!

    Imagine how much energy it would take to even brush your teeth in the mornings if you had to consciously "think" about every decision, every act, and every moment related to it! And a thousand other things you do while on "auto-pilot" each day.

    But bad habits also sabotage your health in a big way. Fortunately, science has discovered ways to strengthen positive habit cycles and disrupt and replace self-defeating ones. You'll learn how in this section.

    It's really pretty simple to understand. From a purely medical standpoint, there are two crucial daily choices you make that will either boost or block your overall health:

    • What you put in your mouth (your diet)
    • How much you move your body, breathe, and sweat (just a little)

    It's very difficult to function at your best if either factor is out of whack.

    If it's so simple to understand, why isn't it easy to fix? Why do so many find themselves in persistent negative habit cycles of inactivity and poor eating habits? Click here to Read more.


    The answer is the wrong view of motivation, a failure to understand that "your health is your wealth", and our very human desire for immediate gratification.

    The irony is that the various options available to help you increase your activity level, sometimes considered the "holy grail" of anti-aging, are endless.

    And the same is true for diet. Almost any structured approach will work for many when followed, and there are tons of them out there.

    The problem in each case is too many good options, not too few!

    The Lifestyle Challenge

    The real obstacle to implementing and maintaining a practical exercise and eating plan is motivational and attitudinal. Many folks just feel too fatigued to spend even twenty minutes every other day engaged in light-to-moderate activity. Others simply use food for comfort and as a way of coping with their emotional stress.

    Also, a very common attitude that sabotages healthy habit shifts is the underlying belief that, "I'll start when I'm feeling better (or am more motivated)."

    These factors all combine over time into self-defeating negative habit cycles.

    Fix it? How?

    Healthy Mindsets! wants you to turn this attitude on it's head because it is "bass ackwards". Science has repeatedly shown that we actually start feeling motivated once we start acting differently, and not the other way around! In other words, motivation follows action, especially if it's broken down into simple, easily achievable steps toward specific, observable goals.

    We'll look at these key areas of a healthy life, and you can decide for yourself if any changes are in order. 


    Talk about a negative habit cycle! Smoking is one of the worst and, for some, the hardest to change. But it can be done, and many people do so every day. There are two factors that will really increase your chances of success if you're a smoker and want to stop. You'll learn about both when you're ready in, "To Smoke or Not to Smoke?"

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