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    Patient Testimonials

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    Patient Testimonials

    "...half way through the Insomnia Program...already sleeping so much better."

    "My husband was so depressed...started using your 'Road Map'...thank you for giving me my husband back!"

    "I was skeptical at first, but my IBS symptoms are all but gone now..."

    "My doctor hooked me up with the website; now we're both happier."

    "I found ways to cope with my feelings...especially the mindfulness and relaxation tools."

    "My doctor urged me to get off sleep medication...took about 4 weeks using the insomnia program."

    "The skills I learned calmed me down."

    "The experience was excellent...extremely simple and straightforward..."

    "I gained the motivation I needed to help me stick to my diet and exercise plan. I'm eating better and exercising that I have the right tools."

    "After all these years, I finally quit smoking with my Dr.'s guidance and tools."

    "My anger was killing me. I wish I'd had this program 30 years ago!"

    "I'm so much more positive and happier now. The Resiliency4Life program was just what I needed. My daughter has noticed and said she's next."

    "The program really lowered my level of worry and anxiety...can't tell you how happy I am now!"

    "I had no idea how much stress was affecting my blood pressure and chest pain."

    "...several things on the website helped me better cope with my diabetes, and my A1C is finally stabilizing."

    "I have some serious (health) problems...have a life now...using all the resiliency tools."

    "The stress tips were amazing...great helpful."

    "...was reluctant to see a counselor...didn't have to...a great option for some."

    "My doctor's support on this was really important in helping me face some things..."

    "The website has something for everybody, whether getting cured or staying well."

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