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    1. How can I use Healthy Mindsets!? Easy.Just ask your sponsoring doctor or health care professional to provide you with a wellness code. Then sign in and click on your area of interest.

    2.Is there any cost to me? Thanks to your sponsoring provider, there is little or no cost to you to access all of the program materials contained on the website. Even some of the recommended readings can be downloaded or obtained through a local library, in some cases. You may find some recommended resources on the website to purchase online, or at your local bookstore.

    3. What about confidentiality? Healthy Mindsets! is totally confidential, and no one will know you are using it, unless you tell them. It is strongly recommended, however, that you inform your provider in order to give them regular feedback on your progress and help coordinate your care.

    4. How much time does it take? It depends on your condition and level of motivation and interest. However, Healthy Mindsets! is specifically designed to be extremely time efficient. It takes evidence-based principles, eliminates the "fluff", then provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement the proven tools, often in just minutes a day.

    5. How does Healthy Mindsets! help my doctor and me? Many health conditions are aggravated by stress and emotional strain. Most patients never get the comprehensive health care they need due to numerous factors, including time limitations, stigma or cost. By partnering with Healthy Mindsets!, your health care provider can direct your care in a much more holistic, comprehensive manner leading to faster, more complete recovery. Everyone wins!

    6. What kinds of problems or conditions does Healthy Mindsets! address? Healthy Mindsets! deals with four main areas of your medical care:

    a) Emotional stress conditions like depression, anxiety and anger. All are known to complicate treatment and recovery from many medical problems and damage your quality of life.

    b) Medical conditions known to be caused or made worse by stress and lifestyle factors. Examples include, but are not limited to, sleep problems, digestive difficulties, cardiovascular conditions and pain.

    c) Boosting mental and physical resilience with a strong emphasis on wellness and prevention. Everyone needs that!

    d) Developing positive habit cycles designed around the core building blocks of health: diet, activity levels, sleep, and stress inoculation and management.

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